Computation Of Dividend Distribution Tax With Effect From October 1, 2014

01 Oct 2014

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One of the key changes proposed in the Union Budget of 2014 regarding the Mutual Fund (MF) Industry pertains to Computation of Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) for income distributed by a non-equity oriented mutual fund scheme.

Currently DDT is being applied on net dividend payout. As per Finance (No. 2) Act 2014, the DDT rates will be applicable on gross dividend amount, with effect from October 1st, 2014.
Therefore, while the DDT rate remains the same, the way in which the DDT is calculated would change and the net dividend amount from debt and liquid mutual fund schemes would reduce going forward.

Please find below an illustration on dividend payment considering the change in DDT computation where for easy understanding, we have assumed DDT@25%*:


Prior to Budget 2014-15

As per Finance(No. 2)Act 2014(effective date:1st Oct14)


 Dividend declared (in Rs).


 Dividend declared (in Rs).



Net Dividend (in Rs.) B=A/1+DDT


 Net Dividend (in Rs.) B=(A-C)



 DDT (25%) C=(A-B) or Bx25%


 DDT (25%) C=(AxDDT)


*DDT Rate for Individuals & HUF.DDT is subject to surcharge and education cess.

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